Fjellstrand has been busy working with modifications to the Offshore Supply Vessel Island Duke.

The vessel is being modified to enter services within seismic operations and a new deck is installed at the aft of the vessel making space for four air compressors, streamer winches and containers for equipment.

A slipway for streamers is installed at the aft. The rest of the vessel has also been upgraded for the operation with extended capacity for crew, upgraded systems etc. An ADCP Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler has been installed when the vessel was docked for 5 year class approval.

The vessel is given a new name, Ocean Duke, and will be managed by the company Geoship AS when the ship is ready for the open seas.

The vessel will operate for Seabed Geosolutions and Saudi Aramco for a 3D ocean bottom node survey in the Red Sea.