Monday 2. september the christening ceremony for Kommandøren took place alongside the quay at Kaupanger.

Our last newbuilding Kommandøren is now in operation on diesel engines between Mannheller and Fodnes, waiting for Fjord1 to take over the operation between Halhjem and Våge from 1. january 2020 where the operation will be fully electric charged from the grid.

The christening was gracefully performed by Målfrid Vik Sønstabø, CEO of Skyss, being client responsible for all public transport in the new Vestland county.

From left CEO of Fjellstrand, Hans Martin Gravdal, Per Sævik, Havila, CEO of Fjord1, Dagfinn Neteland and captain Nils Petter Solheim.


The ferry is 87,5 meters long and has a beam of 20,8 meters and will carry 120 cars, 12 trucks and 350 passengers .

The local brass band of Kaupanger put us in the festive mood in the nice weather at Kaupanger quay.