Seabed Supporter was delivered from Fjellstrand AS to Swire Seabed in 2014 , as yard no 1688 and has now again arrived Fjellstrand after being purchased by Norside Wind, owned by CINUS AS.


The picture above shows the vessel alongside the Fjellstrand quay, together with Vestland Cetus, another Fjellstrand built SOV.

The vessel is now being equipped as an Offshore Wind Service vessel.

It will be upgraded with a gangway, a new hangar, and a state of the art  systems for walk to work operation.

Some of the interior will also be rebuilt, giving a few extra cabins and updated facilities for the onboard personell.

A new service crane and boat landing for CTVs will be installed in the aft.

The delivery of Seabed Supporter was not at all a standard project, and after being built as a module kit at Omastrand ( with wheelhouse resting at the aft deck) ,  the hull was towed on the channels to the Caspian Sea and Baku, Aserbadjan where it was assembled and commisioned  at Baku Shipyard under Fjellstrand supervision and project management.

The vessel had 3 years of operation in the Caspian Sea, and some time in the South Asia. 

It is now time for new adventures for this ship after being rebuilt for the windmill industry and renamed Norside Supporter.

The vessel  will be available in the market from march 2021 under management from Vestland Offshore.