The name of the vessel will be MEDSTRAUM.

This name will in norwegian have a double meaning and can be translated as co-current, to "go with the flow", but also translates as " with electricity".

The construction of the fast ferry will start in May 2021. and during 2022, the vessel will commence the service of Kolumbus’ route from the city of Stavanger to Byøyene and Hommersåk in a test period.

This vessel will be the world's first all-battery driven fast ferry in accordance with the HSC regulations. It will be classed by DNVGL and be approved for operations above 20 knots by Norwegian Maritime Directorate. With a speed of 23 knots and 147 passengers this vessel is an important step on the way to make fast ferries emission free.

The vessel will be built in aluminium, a robust material that is easy to recycle, in addition to having low weight.

The project is yet another example of the Norwegian maritime industry’s global leader position within the development of green technology for the maritime industry, says Sales Manager at Fjellstrand, Edmund Tolo.