Fjellstrand AS has delivered approx. 3.100m2 internal deck panels to the Valhall Accommodation Module now under construction at SLP (Engineering) UK.

To save weight, SLP designed a hybrid trussed structure of carbon steel, stainless steel nonload bearing cladding and internal decks in aluminium panels and carbon steel primary structure. Total weight of the 3.100m2 aluminium deck panels is approx. 100 tons, representing a significant weight saving compared to all steel decks.

BP placed weight saving factors of the hybrid concept as one of the key reasons for selection of this solution for the New Valhall Living Quartes.

Aluminium is accepted by operators and classifications societies as a light, maintenance-free material. Use of aluminium is synonymous with improved dead-weight, improved stability and cost-saving maintenance.

Fjellstrand has the knowledge needed to deliver various aluminium constructions for use offshore, including accomodation modules, towers, ROV hangars etc. The potential weight savings for such installations are approx. 65% compared to steel.




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