Fjellstrand AS is located at Omastrand in the Hardanger Fjord, at the west coast of Norway. Fjellstrand is a modern shipyard  developing, markets and building technically advanced high speed passenger- and car carrying catamaran ferries in aluminium. In addition we also design and build living quarters, superstructures, ROV hangars and other marine and offshore constructions in aluminium.

A new range of products from Fjellstrand is offshore special vessels  of various designs. We also build constructions in aluminium, including accomodation modules, superstructures, ROV hangars and moonpool towers.

Fjellstrand was founded in 1928.


The yard has approx. 100 employees, and a variable number of subcontractors.

The yard facilities are approx. 7000m2 of heated production halls. The largest building is 70m x 25m x 17m. Closed storage area of approx. 1100m2.

The total length of piers is approx. 400m.
50m pier with depth of 5-8m under a 200t Gantry-crane, and 100m + 110m piers with depth of 10-15m and a 15t crane.

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