"Kommandøren"  was  delivered to Fjord 1 on monday 17. december.

The ferry is developed and built by Fjellstrand and will eventually operate the route between Halhjem and Våge in Hordaland not far from the yard premises.

However, this operation will commence when Fjord1 take over this operation from 1. january 2020. Until then the Ferry will service other routes in the Fjord1 portfolio.

The contract was signed in april 2017 for the designing and building of a fully electric, battery powered Ferry.

This is a larger and further developed version of the MF Ampere, which in 2015 made history being the worlds first car ferry to be driven solely by batteries. The new vessel is equipped for both higher speed and longer range with its route of 12,5 km (6,75 nm) being the longest route in the world to be operated fully on batteries.

MF Ampere has now been in operation for almost four years and has sailed a distance equivalent to 6 times around the equator, giving valuable experiences to the further development of zero emission technology for ferries and ships.

The fully electric ferry is 87,5 meters long and has a beam of 20,8 meters and will carry 120 cars, 12 trucks and 350 passengers and for its temporary operation the first year it will  be powered by its onboard backup generators prepared for bio diesel.

In order to optimize for lowest possible energy consumption the vessel is built in aluminium with a catamaran hull.

Zero emission and low energy consumption are key elements valued in the tenders, and this ferry makes it possible to run even longer ferry operations on batteries alone.


At Fjellstrand, and also among people on the west coast of Norway, the name Kommandøren will evoke emotions and memories of the first FlyingCat40 from Fjellstrand delivered almost 30 years ago to Fylkesbåtane i Sognog Fjordane, now Fjord1. The FlyingCat 40 with its iconic design created a completely new style and era in fast ferry design. Ampere also changed the thinking in ferry design by being the first to introduce batteries charged from shore electric grid.

"We wish the success of the new Kommandøren to follow the path of the former Kommandøren"  says Sales/ R&D Manager Edmund Tolo.

 A video from the test sailings can be found here: