Fjellstrand has been awarded a contract with Alimak for an aluminum elevator shaft that will be installed in the phase 2 of Johan Sverdrup .

This contract comes in addition to the modifications and Extensions already contracted for Phase 2 and currently being constructed at the Omastrand yard.

The shaft for this New contract has a height of approx 52 meters, and represents approximately 45 tons of aluminium.

This continues the good work towards the offhore industry where Fjellstrand has delivered numerous of similar small projects.

Fjellstrand have already delivered six aluminium elevator shafts for phase 1 of this project. Phase 1 is now delivered and will be installed in the North Sea oil field during 2018/2019.

 example illustration

Johan Sverdrup. Illustrasjon: TRY / Equinor and Kværner