Fjellstrand has been busy converting and upgrading a range of vessels in 2021.

Now this line continues with the conversion of another PSV, former MS "Farland", a 83,4 m Ulstein PX121 built in 2016.

The vessel changes name to Norside Cetus and will be the third SOV, wind service vessel in operation for Norside, all of them converted at Fjellstrand.

The vessel will be ready for operation late 2022.

The conversion includes a new SMST gangway system and SPS class for 60 persons to serve the requirements for the operation in offshore wind parks.

To improve the operation performance, a Hoppe roll reduction system is implemented and the vessel will also be equipped with a new hybrid propulsion/ energy system to improve fuel efficiency.

Below,  MS " Norside Supporter" together with MS "Norside Cetus" for similar upgrades to SOV operations, both with hybrid installations.