Conversion Year: 2018

Customer: Adler-Schiffe Gmbh

Vessel Type: Fast Ferry

Project Description

Full upgrade of Fast Ferry for Adler-Shiffe Gmbh

  • Rearrangement and upgrade of Passenger and Galley area
  • Aft car ramp and car / loading area converted to passenger area
  • Rearrangement of railings and passenger embarking area
  • Extended passenger capacity (from 182 to 224)
  • Extended fuel capacity (from 5 cubm to 10 cubm)
  • Hull and superstructure prepared and painted in new owner colors
  • Change of Classification Society and Main Class Renewal

Fjellstrand has ideal facilities to upgrade and carry out maintenance of this type of Fast Ferries. By using Gantry Crane and Multi Lifts, the vessel was brought into one of the yards production halls and the conversion was done without weather disruption. The conversion was carried out in close cooperation with the Owner and Class