Yard Facilities


The Shipyard is located in Hardanger, only 75 km from Bergen Airport

Pier area

The total Pier area is approx. 9500 m2 with a total pier length of approx. 500 m

Outfitting Pier

The yard has an Outfitting Pier with length 110 m, where vessels can be berthed on both sides. Water depths is 12-14 m on outside and 9-11 m on inside. The outfitting pier is covered by a rail going Tower Crane (12 t @ 14,9 m / 1,6 t @ 69 m, hook height 41 m)

In addition, there is a total of 200 m pier length for smaller vessels

Launch and Recovery Pier

The yard has a Launch and Recovery Pier covered by a 200 t Gantry Crane (4 x 50 t / L 45 x W 17 / Hook height 12,6 m). This crane is used when launching fully outfitted Passenger Vessels, and when lifting vessels out of water before being brought inside the Production Halls for conversion/maintenance

The Gantry Crane is also ideal for installation of equipment and constructions onboard vessels with max beam of 17 m

Production Halls

4 production halls with a total of 6400 m2. All halls covered with overhead cranes, SWL up to 12 t and hook height up to 17 m

Machine and Piping Shop

1500 m2 machine shop equipped with 10 ton overhead crane, hook height 8,0 m

Carpentry Shop

500 m2 fully outfitted Carpentry Shop

Covered Storage Area

720 m2 indoor storage area


Office facilities for Owners Representative is placed next to the Outfitting Pier