Build Year: 2003

Customer: Rogaland Trafikkselskap

Design By: Fjellstrand

Vessel Type: FerryCat 120

Project Description

“Stavanger” was the first of a seris of lightweight alamunium catamaran Car & Passenger Ferries purpose designed for high transit speed and low fuel consumtion

The vessel is a highly modern and efficient double‐ended ferry of the FerryCat 120 design, intended for transport of 112 cars and 400 passengers

With the lightweight aluminium construction and the efficient catamaran hull, the energy consumption is much lower than traditional steel monhull ferries, of which means that the fuel tanks can be smaller to save weight, and at the same time obtain a high transit speed

The vessl is built with following class notations; DNV ✠ 1A1 – LC – Car Ferry C- NOR – E0 – R4.