Build Year: 2014

Customer: Norled

Design By: Fjellstrand

Vessel Type: ZeroCat 120

Project Description

“Ampere” was the demonstrator and breakthrough for the following electrification of the Norwegian Car & Passenger Ferries

The vessel is a highly modern and efficient double‐ended ferry of the ZeroCat 120 design, intended for transport of 120 cars and 300 passengers

With the lightweight aluminium construction and the catamaran hull, the energy consumption is much lower than traditional steel monhull ferries, of which means that the battary package can be smaller and that this design is the best, if not the only choice for the longer crossings

“Ampere” has received several awards for the innovations and concept for Battery Powered Car & Passenger Ferries

The vessl is built with following class notations; DNV ✠ 1A1, LC, Car Ferry C, Battery Power, R4, (NOR)