Build Year: 2018

Customer: Fjord1

Design By: Fjellstrand

Vessel Type: ZeroCat 120

Project Description

“Kommandøren” is a highly modern and efficient double‐ended ferry of the ZeroCat 120 design, intended for transport of 120 cars and 300 passengers

The ferry design is made for low energy consumption, to give a minimum of environmental footprint and both hull and superstructure are built of aluminium in order to achieve efficiency far better than the conventional ferries

The hull is a catamaran, and the combination of aluminium and catamaran makes an outstanding performance by making a large car deck on a relatively short ferry, substantially reducing weight compared to other designs of similar capacity ferries

The vessel is equipped with 750 kW electric motors powered by a battery package of 2.938 kWh. In addition, the vessel is equipped with 610 kW generators for hybrid or conventional mode

The vessl is built with following class notations; DNV ✠ 1A1, LC, Car Ferry C, Battery Power, R4, (NOR)