Build Year: 2022

Customer: Kolumbus

Design By: Fjellstrand

Vessel Type: TrAM 30-454

Project Description

“Medstraum” is the world’s first fully electric and zero emission Fast Ferry classed in accordance with the International Code of Safety for High-Speed Crafts (HSC Code), and will begin a trial passenger service between the city of Stavanger and surrounding communities and islands in Q3 2022

The vessel has a super effiient catamaran hull, and will have a service speed of 23 knots, using electricity from the grid as the only energy source

“Medstraum” present the future zero emmission Fast Ferry concept for safe and efficient passenger transport for the surrounding areas for cities by the sea

147 passengeres accommodated by a crew of 3 can enjoy the journey in a quiet atmosphere onboard, with perfect view to the sea and landscape passing by

The vessel is built to IACS class with following class notations; DNV ✠1A, – HSLC Passenger – Battery Power – Shore Power – R5 – NOR – (or equal)