Conversion Year: 2022

Customer: Norside Wind AS

Vessel Type: Wind Farm Service Operation Vessel (SOV)

Project Description

Conversion of Multi-Purpose Subsea Construction Vessel (MPSCV) to Wind Farm Service Operation Vessel (SOV) for Norside Wind AS

  • Fabrication, installation and integration of accommodation and office module
  • Installation of new W2W Gangway system
  • Upgrade of existing AHC Crane
  • Approximately 100 tonnes of new steel fabricated and installed
  • Upgrade of vessel to facilitate SPS Notation
  • Installation and integration of Battery Package (896 kWh)
  • Installation of active roll damping system

The vessel was converted from MPSCV to Wind Farm support duties. Fjellstrand worked closely with the Owner and the Designer to achieve the needed operational criteria for this new evolving market

The existing accommodation was extended to accommodate more cabins and more office space. A new W2W Gangway was installed, in parallel with needed piping and electrical work